Printed Bags with adhesive closure
Printed Bags with Asa Parche
Printed Bags with Bellows and Seal Fund
Printed Bags up to 08 colors
Industrial Printed Bags of High Impact
Printed Bags for the Food Industry
Printed Bags for Paints with Seal Background

Bags for Paints with Background Seal

We offer a wide range of bags in various sizes and types of sealing such as bottom, double bottom, lateral, reinforced lateral, curved, and continuous.

We offer you:

  • Advertising bags with handle patch, kidney handle or eyelet handle
  • Bags for refrigerated or frozen foods (fish, cheese, poultry, meat, etc.)
  • Bags for all types of overpacks and liners.
  • Bags for rice, sugar, snacks, sweets and all kinds of food.
  • Bags for veterinary products.
  • Bags for clothing or textiles.
  • Bags for paints, tempers and primers.
  • Bags for chemical products.
  • Bags for the plastic industry (balls, buckets, containers, etc.)
  • Bags for mining, paper industry.
  • Bags with high impact resistance.
  • Bags for coins or bills.
  • Large capacity bags as for cylinder covers to cover pallets.
  • Bags for laundries.
  • Heat-shrinkable bags.